A Guide to Living, Travelling, and Enjoying Hong Kong

A Guide to Living, Travelling, and Enjoying Hong Kong

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Boutique Shopping Designer Labels for Less

The mainland Chinese come to Hong Kong with bags of money to spend on designer labels from designer stores.

The rest of us spend our small purse of money on rent in the city, and then are left with pennies with which to go shop! But we all want to shop well, and find a good bargain. Where better than here in Hong Kong - haven to the small stores filled with real designer brands sold on the cheap.

Of course, one must often dig to find something worthy (and do be careful of knock-offs), but there are a plethora of stores around to check out. Goods at the below boutiques are generally sample pieces for sale, or factory seconds - so check the garment carefully before purchase, and be sure to try it on for fit as the size may not match that of the tag. You'll also be able to identify the brands through the labels - all of which are snipped across so as to comply with designer regulations of the sale of the product.

Staunton and Elgin Street in Soho, on both sides of the intersection with Peel Street, are the best places to wander around and into the many tiny little stores that stock designer goods. Most of these are unassuming, and many can be considered to be of the "pop-up" variety, at the rate at which they come and go.

Button-Hole: 56-60B Peel Street, Soho, HK
A definite hidden gem - a highly popular store  - and a very tiny space, so be patient if it gets crowded. New inventory comes in every Wednesday & Saturday. They keep a good selection of Miu Miu and Chloe here.

Mint & Lemongrass: 32 Staunton Street, Soho, HK
A favourite expat haunt for dresses as the sizes here run larger. Also stock a number of NY brands, not otherwise found here.

Peddar Building: 12 Peddar Street, Central, HK (tiny entrance next to Shanghai Tang)
Take the lift to the 3rd floor - and you'll find a series of stores jammed with the latest extras, all brands. The first store you see as you exit the lift is the largest, and has by far the best selection of clothes. Be sure to check out the bags, shoes, and other accessories section here too. Sizes here too are "expat friendly". There are also other outlets in the building, so worth taking the lift at the top and exploring your way down by the stairwell.

M.T.C.: 25 Staunton Street, Soho, HK
Can be hit or miss - but pretty much always carry a fun selection of Herve Leger bandage dresses, among other international designer brands that are not otherwise found in Hong Kong.

Horizon Plaza: 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau, HK
This outlet shopping mall on a little island connected to the south-west of HK island, was once known for it's furniture stores. These days, the 29 floors are becoming increasingly better known for designer outlet shopping - and stores filled with designer shoes. Always recommended to take the lift to the top floor and then wander down through each floor. It's a day-trip though. 

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