A Guide to Living, Travelling, and Enjoying Hong Kong

A Guide to Living, Travelling, and Enjoying Hong Kong

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Herboland, Lamma Island

This is by far a favourite discovery of Hong Kong so far. Herboland. A 25-minute ferry ride and another 25-minute walk away from Lamma Island's Main Village, Yung Shue Wan. Tucked away (literally) next to Hung Shing Ye Beach, marked only with a tiny sign that caught my eye with it's bright colours, and slightly hippy-chic look. It looked curious, so venture in we did.

Upon entry was what seemed to be a wildnerness of little garden plots, filled with herbs. And a very careful gardener in her straw hat crouched below a vine, tending with great apparent care to one of the plots. Each herb was marked in English and Chinese with recycled glass bottles on sticks.

How quaint, yes. (And probably a little boring for the disinterested gardener). However, a little further in, and this appeared:

A very cute cool structure, filled with a relaxed set of people and a neighbouring parrot chattering away in a little structure on the side, all taking shelter from the midday sun. But it was really the appearance of the cooling, iced fresh lemongrass and stevia tea that made this a discovery.

One can chill out there as long as they like - for from here, there is no rush to get back into the bustling world of Hong Kong.

And of course, the owners are followers of my own sentiment - on the slightly eco-friendly side, they don't print business cards either. One is taped to the inside of an old fridge unit (being used as a bookshelf) in the corner, and anyone can go take a photo of it.

Even if you do live among the bricks and polluted mortar of the city, and can't have your own beautiful little hideaway, there's one here, which certainly lives up to its very simple motto:

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